5 Ways To Not Be Fat After Christmas Binging

I don't know about you, but I know I completely let loose on Christmas.

Yes me, the guy that wrote "How Not to Get Fat on Thanksgiving"

Even though I believed I had strong will power, I still found myself eating brownies, chocolate covered marshmallows, cheesecake, chocolate moose cake, and crumb cake.

So I ate like a total pig ... now what?

Since I know I am not the only one in this situation, I decided to list 5 simple steps to help get you back on track.

Be sure to follow them carefully, as it could make the difference between being fat and being jacked.

5 Simple Ways To Get Back On Track After Christmas Binging

1. Don't Be Depressed

The "damage" is already done.

The only thing getting depressed will do is further slow down your metabolism and make you even fatter.

Rather than sit there and be miserable, be happy that you were in a position to "cheat" for a day and enjoy some great tasting food with your family and friends.

In fact, you should be really happy to know that many nutritionists believe "cheat days" are actually required in order to accelerate fat loss.

If you think I am crazy, do some research on the word leptin

2. Don't Starve Yourself

How many times have you heard something like this ...

"I ate so bad today, I am not going to eat anything else for the rest of the week."

Bad idea.

Not eating makes your brain think you are going to die of starvation.

As a result, it slows down your metabolism in an effort to keep you "alive" as long as possible, until you can find more food.

This is the last thing you want right now.

So rather than starve yourself, I would recommend going back to your balanced diet that I hope you were following prior to Christmas.

Not only will your body not be in starvation mode, it will also be reaping the benefits of your "cheat" day (see point #1).

3. Drink Lots of Water

It is very hard to burn fat if you are dehydrated.

This is not the right article to go into a deep physiological explanation of how being hydrated helps burn fat, so I will keep it simple.

  • If your organs aren't hydrated, they can't help turn stored fat into energy
  • If you are dehydrated, you can't train at the optimal level - meaning you will not be able to burn as many calories.

4. Perform High Intensity Exercises

If you want to burn off the fat, you need to train in a way that will burn calories well after your training session is completed.

Sorry to break your heart, but steady state movements like running on a treadmill are not going to do this for you.

The optimal way to burn fat is with high intensity training sessions that include one of the following:

  • variable intensity interval training (with things like wind sprints) 
  • metabolic resistance training (as can be seen in the clip below)

5. Don't Overtrain

Training is a great way to burn off fat.

Overtraining is a great way to burn out, completely destroy your body, and make it impossible for you to continue training so you can burn off more fat.

What is overtaining?

To keep it simple, lets assume you normally train 45 minutes a day 4x a week. This training includes jumping rope, lifting weights, and wind sprints.

After eating 2x as many calories on Christmas as you should have, you decide that you now need to work out 2x as much as you normally do.

Your plan is to spend 90 minutes in the gym everyday this week.

You perform your normal routine, and then follow it up with 45 minutes on the treadmill.

You  wake up the next morning and can hardly walk.

You fight through it and perform the same routine at the gym the next day.

The next morning you can't get out of bed at all.

In fact, your body is so shot, that you don't make it to the gym at all for the rest of the week.

Instead of getting in your normal 45 minute sessions and burning more fat, you sit home bragging to your buddies about how sore you are - all the while getting fatter and weaker.

That is overtraining.

Winter Training 2011

Since 2008, we have had "special" Winter training programs for the college athletes who return home for Winter Break.
  • In 2008 we had "A Lift a Day"
  • In 2009 we had "5 Minutes of Pain"
  • In 2010 we had "Lifting without Weights"

Having said that, I am not here to write about the training programs from past years.
I am not even going to write about what we are going to do this year.

What I want to write about is the crazy men who are actually in the program.

Regardless of any sick movements we do or how great of a program I write, its the people in the program that make it what it is.

It is these people that are "Advanced Training".

It is why I write "WE" in the articles, as opposed to "I", even though I am the only trainer.

To give you some insight into these people, I decided to share some of the emails I have been receiving for the past few weeks. 


"Coach just letting you know you've never seen this version of Morano 2.0
As a small sample I got 275 8x8 on Monday... It's gonna be a good winter"

"Coach, I'm on the website right now reading the Challenge results from the Summer and I am jacked up. I wanna be in there right now. This is my Winter I have to do better than last winter. That's all that matters. I can't wait. You are letting the monster loose." - Send at midnight

"Coach, I want the roster for this winter. I'm about to get murdered by my statistics
final and the probability of me taking my anger out on the weights is
very high" - send at 6:45AM

"Hey Coach,
I know its late, but I am up late studying anyway and started thinking about being home for winter break. I'm home in two weeks and was wondering when your winter training program will start up. I can't wait cause I'm going into my final offseason and I want to go all out. No holding back. I need to be the best I could be and show the team next year that I 'm the one they can count on to get the job done. I hope you're ready for me" -sent at 12:45AM

Everything Is A Competition

If you lived in my house, you'd probably hear my wife say this about ten times a day ...

"George, everything in life does not have to be a competition ..."

Unfortunately for my wife, I take everything I do in my life to be a competition.

If I am playing or coaching a sport, I want to win.

If someone thinks they can eat more than me, I want to eat 2x as much as they do.

If there is a big problem at work, I want to be the first one to come up with the solution.

Whatever it is I am doing, I want to be the best at it.

If I don't care about being the best, than it's not worth doing.

Some Competition At Advanced Training:

In the spirit of competition, we created a little challenge this month at Advanced Training.

We wanted to see who could get the most YouTube hits on individual videos posted for 4 members of Advanced Training performing unique exercises.

Here is a summary of the rules:

  • Each member was allowed to pick a movement of their choosing
  • An individual video of each movement was posted on YouTube
  • At the end of one calendar month, the person with the most "hits" would be declared the winner.

The four videos and a brief description of each are enclosed below.

Please note that I did not embed the videos in this post, so as not to skew the data.

Mike DiPilato: 50lb Curl and Press

What I like about this exercise is that it requires a great deal of mental concentration and body control.

Imagine rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time...

Now do it with 50lb weights.


Dennis Heedles: 100lb Bent Over Rows With Fat Gripz

Fat Gripz are a form of rubber tubing you put over a barbell or dumbbell in order to make it thicker.

The thicker the bar, the harder it is to grip.

The harder it is to grip, the more you work your hand strength.

If you can do this exercise below, you can probably strangle a gorilla.


Darren Reyes: 45lb Weighted Pull-Ups with Fat Gripz

Weighted Pull-Ups are bad enough.
Adding Fat Gripz to the mix is insane.

I have no idea how Darren gets 13 reps in this clip.


Nick Pugliese: 150lb Split Squat Press

The split squat press is one of the ultimate ways to train your core stabilization.

Of the 70+ athletes I have trained up to this point, none have been able to handle this movement like Nick can.

(Even me, and I was able to perform the legendary six minute push-up hold).

If you ever get into a conflict with Nick, don't hit him in the stomach.
It won't work....



If you like the videos, please share them with as many people as you can.

Not only will you help this competition, you might inspire someone to take their training to the next level.