Its the Small Things that Matter

Being a member of Advanced Training is more than moving weight, conditioning, and taking your game to the next level.

Its also about building relationships, making connections, and making the world around you better.

In 2010, some things happened that made me proud to be a member of Advanced Training. Some of the things were very little things, but its the little things that count the most.

Its the little things that make Advanced Training different from other programs. Its the reason the program has remained so strong. Its the reason the guys keep coming back.

Here is a short list of those things:
  • Dom Martelle woke up alittle earlier 3x a week to drive John Pallis to 5AM workouts. At that time in the morning, every second of sleep matters.
  • Billy Blanco drove back to the gym on his day of to get Coach Mahoney's shake mixer. He then drove it to my house so I could have it for my next lift.
  • Billy Blanco got a jump stretch band to help him stretch out his lats (which were like bricks).
  • The Igneri brothers got sponsored so they could start a Flag Football Team.
  • Drew Olsen brought Gary Fiore a training program to help him prep for college tryouts at his new school.
  • Drew Olsen brought the entire Advanced Training Team lacrosse balls.
  • Chris Igneri filmed the entire Strongman Competition.
Like I said, the list is small.

But its the small things that matter.

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Joe F said...

Nice list. I will try to incorporate this concept in my life!

I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts/articles!