A Personal Goal

In the winter of 2008, I read an article by Eric Cressey that stated every man under the age of 50 should be able to deadlift at least 400lbs after two years of proper training.

As I read those words, I felt like the biggest embarrassment ever involved with strength and conditioning.

Not more than a week before, I had hit a personal record of 325 on the deadlift.
I remember adding the third plate to the barbell and thinking that I had finally made it to the next level.

To go back even further, 325 did not come easy.

First off, I never performed a single deadlift from the floor until  I was 27 years old in 2006.

I started off with 135lbs, but I couldn't get to the barbell without rounding my back because my ankles and hips were so tight.

My solution was to lay 45 plates on the floor and rest the weights on my barbell on top of those weights on the floor.

This "solution" would bring the barbell off the floor just high enough that I could get to it without tearing my back apart.

It took about two years worth of corrective exercises and transitional movements for me to finally be able to get to 325.

That is why I was so crushed when I read Cressey's article.

Just when I thought I "Made It", I realized I wasn't even close.

I know some of you are saying, "Who is Eric Cressey? Why would you care what he thinks?"


If you ever looked to the right side of this blog, you will see a link to his website.
I didn't attach it there because I thought he had no idea what he was talking about.

I decided then that I HAD to get to 400lbs.

I did not want to get to 400lbs, I HAD to.

Without making this article any longer than it has to be, here is a video of me hitting my personal goal of 405lbs.

I know its not elite status, but for me, its a pretty big deal.

Hopefully its not too long before I can show another video of me pulling with a fifth plate on each side.
(For the 95% of the guys in our crew that can't add, thats 495lbs.)

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