Summer 2011: Huge Gains in Testing Results

At Advanced Training, a large number of our members are college athletes who come home for the summer looking to take themselves to the next level for their upcoming season.

For many of them, this means "Jacking Up" their numbers in the weight room.

Unfortunately, this is not the easiest task during such a short period (often filled with summer vacations, shore houses, barbecues, reunions with high school friends, etc.)

In addition, I have to spend the first few weeks simply improving technique, muscular imbalances, and mobility. 

To top it off, their strength training often has to compete with unrealistic and / or destructive conditioning tests that impede progress in the weight room.

Fortunately for them, we have have enough experience in this game to make it all work.

In this article, I will not go into all the details about we make such big gains in such a short time.

Rather, I will only present the high level results.

Power Points: (10 People Over a 1.000)
Prior to this year, the highest number of people we ever had in a lifting group with over a 1.000 Power Point Rating was 4.

This year we had 10,  only 1 of which actually had over a 1.000 prior to the summer training session.

That means 9 people achieved over a 1.000 Power Point for the first time this summer.

This is a huge accomplishment, considering only 19 people out of 109 have ever gotten above a 1.000 in the history of Advanced Training.

Power Points Over 1.000:

  • M.Morano: 1.135
  • M.Murphy: 1.036
  • S.Mulligan: 1.032
  • E.Heedles: 1.032
  • S. Roman: 1.025
  • G.Amerosi: 1.014
  • D.Reyes: 1.013
  • A.Shepard: 1.008
  • C.Perry: 1.007
  • D.Heedles: 1.000

To see all the details behind the power points, including everyone's bench press, deadlift, pull-up and broad jump numbers click HERE.

Click HERE to see the Top 20 All Time Power Point Leaders.

Largest Gains From the 2011 Summer:

Bench Press Top 3:
  • Kuyan: 45lbs (310 to 355)
  • Morano:  35lbs (355 to 390)
  • Perry: 20lbs (300 to 320)

Deadlift Top 3:
  • P.Amerosi: 45lbs (335 to 380)
  • Blanco:  40lbs  (335 to 375)
  • E.Heedles: 40lbs (350 to 390)

Pull-Ups Top 3:
  • Morano: 8 (20 to 28)
  • S.Mulligan:  7 (18 to 25)
  • G.Amerosi: 7 (25 to 32)

Broad Jump:
  • Shepard: 14" (105" to 119")
  • G.Amerosi: 5.5"  (100 to 105.5")
  • Altieri: 5" (99.5" to 104.5")

Power Points:
  • Kuyan: 0.125 (.863 to .986)
  • Perry:   0.111 (.896 to 1.007)
  • D.Heedles: 0.109 (.891 to 1.000)
Closing Thoughts:
If you follow the right program, its possible to make significant gains over a very short period of time.

If you are not making gains like the ones you saw above, you are not doing everything you should be doing to take your game to the next level.

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