Sleep is for Soft People

Athlete X: "Coach, What time is the lift tomorrow?"

Me: "Warmed-up by 5:15"

Athlete Y: "AM or PM?"

Me: "What do you think?"

Athlete Z (in sarcastic tone): "Why wouldn't we train at 5AM??? It's Advanced Training. Who needs sleep?"

Me (Channeling my inner 50 and Eric Thomas):

"Who needs sleep?

Sleep is for Soft People."

50 Knows Who Needs Sleep ...

Don't get me wrong. I completely understand that making the decision to get up at 5AM for a training session is about as hard as deciding to wait in line for the men's room at D'Jais on a Saturday night in August.

Why is the floor so wet?

But at the end of the day, that is exactly what getting up at 4:30AM is.

It is a decision.

It is a decision to be tougher than the next guy.

It is a decision not to go out drinking tonight.

It is a decision not to stay up late watching some garbage reality TV show.

It is a decision not to roll over and hit the SNOOZE button.

It is a decision not to be Average.

And it is a decision not to be Soft.

And please, please don't lie to me.

Don't tell me your phone / house / neighborhood / city lost power.

Don't tell me you rolled over on your alarm.

Don't tell me you set your alarm for 5PM instead of 5AM.

Just tell me the truth.

Tell me you are too soft to give up staying out late.

Tell me you are too soft to jump out of bed when the alarm goes off.

Tell me you are too soft to make sure your phone is charged and the alarm is set to AM.

But Coach, wouldn't training at a more "reasonable" hour give you more of a following?


Unfortunately, I don't want more of a following.

I only want to train the 1%.

I only want to train those who know Sleep is for Soft People.

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Joe Fletch said...

Excellent article Coach!

George Mahoney said...

Thanks brother. I got quite a few emails about it. Apparently some people took it as personally as I intended it to be.