The 3 Biggest #Gainz (2015)

After every Test Week at Advanced Training, I post the "Top 3" Results for every testing category for the entire world to see.

By entire world, I mean the 150 people who actually care about what goes on in the inner circle of our training program. The remainder of the 7 billion on this planet couldn't care less about our Power Point System or where Ryan Smith ranks on the All-Time Power Point List.

Fortunately, I don't write these posts for everyone.

I write them for the 0.000002% (check my math if you dare) who have, are, or will be a part of this life style.

  • For the people that have been part of this program ... they get to see who is catching up to them and start to question whether they are too soft or too old to make an Advanced Training comeback
  • For the people who are in the program ... they get to see the results of their hard work paying off and then share those results with friends and family to brag about how jacked up they got.
  • For the people that will be part of the program ... they get to see what they are missing out on and hopefully get the courage to be a part of this thing next year.
Without further adieu, here are the "3 Biggest Gains" in each testing category after our 10-Week Summer Training session. 

BENCH PRESS: 3 Biggest Gains

  • Carroll                      180 to 205  (25lb gain)
  • Fugallo:                     240 to 260 (20lb gain)
  • Schillaci:                   290 to 310 (20lb gain)

DEADLIFT: 3 Biggest Gains

  • Carroll:                  290 to 315     (25 lb gain)
  • Smith:                    335 to 360    (25 lb gain)
  • Sarno:                    445 to 465    (20lb gain)

Pull-Ups: 3 Biggest Gains

  • Fugallo:             11 to 23       (12 rep gain)
  • Carroll:              12 to 22     (9 rep gain)
  • Smith:                28 to 37     (9 rep gain)

Broad Jump: 3 Biggest Gains

  • Carroll:              82.0" to 88.0"          (6" gain)
  • Mreczko:           101.0" to 106.0"   (5" gain)
  • Smith:                124.0" to 126.5"   (2.5" gain)

Power Points: 3 Biggest Gains

  • Fugallo:                     0.696 to 0.847 (.151 gain)
  • Carroll:                      0.620 to 0.767 (.147 gain)
  • Smith:                        1.000 to 1.116 (.116 gain)

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