The 3 Biggest #Gainz (2016)

Every year after test week at Advanced Training, I post the Top 3 "Gainz" we had in each testing category.

  • Bench
  • Deadlift
  • Broad Jump
  • Pull-Ups

The measurements are taken after a 10-week training cycle, which includes conditioning, toughman training, and speed work. I mention this to highlight that our program is not solely focused on "Gainz" inside the gym. Rather, it focuses on total athletic performance and the gym work is simply a portion of it.

For those of you who have been following our training program, you know we have been experimenting with the Holy Grail of Strength.

In its simplest form, it includes squatting, benching, and deadlifting at every gym session. We use sub-maximal weights on each movement and limit our volume to 2 sets of 5. By using sub-maximal weights, we can repeat the same movements every day and use each sessions as "practice" to develop improved motor patterns and muscle recruitment. The goal is to essentially make perfect lifting technique a habit.

As can be seen below, the Holy Grail of Strength provided some insane results.

Having said that, this quest for developing the "perfect program" is not over and never will be.

As the great Tony Robbins said, "If you aren't progressing, you are dying"

With that, I am taking the month of August to experiment on myself and make some tweaks to the program which I will call the "Holier Grail of Strength".

Until then, take a look at the Top 3 "Gainz" in each testing area.

I believe the results speak for themselves.

BENCH PRESS: 3 Biggest Gains

  • Carroll:                      210 to 240 (30lb gain)
  • Minlionica:                260 to 285 (25lb gain)
  • Sarno:                        305 to 330 (25lb gain)

DEADLIFT: 3 Biggest Gains

  • Carroll:                   355 to 405   (50lb gain)
  • Sarno:                     455 to 500    (45 lb gain)
  • Minlionica:             305 to 350    (45 lb gain)

Pull-Ups: 3 Biggest Gains

  • Smith:                24 to 33       (9 rep gain)
  • Mock:                28 to 33     (5 rep gain)
  • Minlionica:        27 to 31     (4 rep gain)

Broad Jump: 3 Biggest Gains

  • Minlionica:        108.5" to 122.0"     (13.5" gain)
  • Smith:                124.0" to 127.5"   (3.5" gain)
  • Sarno:                110.5" to 114.0"   (3.5" gain)

Power Points: 3 Biggest Gains

  • Minlionica:                0.887 to 1.008 (.122 gain)
  • Smith:                        0.960 to 1.074 (.114 gain)
  • Carroll:                      0.795 to 0.897 (.103 gain)

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