The World Must Be Changing

You can tell alot about the world simply by looking at what people watch on YouTube.
Videos that get the most hits usually involve some form of FAIL or social disaster.

In the "fitness" world, people usually watch videos of the bench press more than strongman training.
This correlates perfectly to the question people get in the real world (when they actually speak to each other) "What's Your Bench?".

We currently have 27 Advanced Training You Tube Videos.
As you can probably guess, the video with the most hits is of Billy Blanco bench pressing 330lbs.

That is until now....

A week after I wrote Death to the Squat, we now have a new leader in "hits".
Its the video of Lyle McCombs performing Mixed Isometric Back Squats.

While I hate using the squat as a means to test athletes, I do think that the Mixed Isometric Squat is a much more interesting movement than the barbell bench press.

Is the world changing?

Will people no longer use the bench press as the overall indicator of a man's strength?

Considering we only get a few hundred views per video on our humble YouTube Channel, the answer is probably no.

But it does make me feel better that in my small world people are starting to recognize what's important.

For those of you that are still on the "FAIL" bandwagon, enjoy.....

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93blanco said...

even the great roman empire collapsed,I admit deafeat but only for now...