Death to the Squat?

Before anyone loses their mind, please understand that I really do like the squat.

I just hate coaching it while we test for Power Points at Advanced Training

Starting today, we will no longer use the Squat as one of our three main indicators.


Its very hard for our athletes to differentiate between guys who are cheating (not getting deep enough) and guys with flexibility issues (can't get deep enough).

Since our guys are so competitive, this becomes a very big deal when it comes to Power Points   Ratings.

Enclosed is a good example of this situation.

"Technically" the athlete should go deeper on his squat.

Unfortunately, he has some mobility issues in his ankles that are preventing him from getting to the desired depth (bucket level) without risking injury.

Is the athlete a "cheater"?

Absolutely not.

He is actually an animal.

Having said that, I am pretty sure there is only a small percentage of people out there who could actually move 430lbs x 6 on the back squat (even if they "only" went as deep as he did).

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Joe F said...


How do you help your clients increase their squat mobility/flexibility?