This Is Why You Can't Train Alone...

I have probably spoken about this 1,000 times, but I really don't care.

Make this 1,001.


Here is another story that proves my theory.

We have been doing Renegade Rows for the past two weeks.

The first time we did it, the group that trains at 8PM peaked out at about 35lbs.

To show them up, the group that trains at 5:30AM the next morning went up to 50lbs.

Not wanting to be outdone, the 8PM crew hit 65lbs on the following week.
They believed they had set a tone that could not be matched.

One member of the 8PM crew even stated that if someone from the 5AM crew could beat this, he would resign from the program.

Lucky for him, I pretended not to hear what he said.

Yesterday morning, the 5AM crew proceeded to rip off 80lb renegade rows.

Here is the video, in case there was any doubt....

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