New Logo for Advanced Training

I am proud to announce that Advanced Training has a new logo.

The logo was created as part of a contest I held to develop a new image that we could use on t-shirts, hats, this blog, and someday in the near future, a website.

The best part of the contest was that it allowed the members of Advanced Training to vote on which design they thought was the best.

Below is the image that over 90% of the voters gave a rating of 5 stars (out of 5).

If you have ever trained with Advanced Training, you know that a great deal of our lifts involve an overhead position.

I think using that position to make the "T" of the "AT" was brilliant. It didn't hurt that a jacked up guy was holding a barbell that was bending due to excessive weight.

As a side note, I still have a deep attachment to the original logo of the guy holding the Giant A. It was something my uncle created and I felt it captured the true grit of our program.

Unfortunately, the image was created in pencil and the feeling it created could not easily be transferred into a graphical design.

Either way, anyone who can rip a Giant A made of  steel out of the ground and hold it over their head would be a welcome member to Advanced Training.

I still think this guy looks sick.

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