Test Week at Advanced Training: Part II

Test Week is over at Advanced Training

All of the self doubt I had is now gone.

  • I watched Joe Igneri bench 295lbs 10x. (His previous max was 235 x 12)
  • I watched Mike Murphy deadlift 425lbs. (His previous max was 345)
  • I watched Darren Reyes perform 32 pull-ups. (His previous max was 14)

These are Giant Gains made within 4 months of training.

Most guys can't make that much progress in 4 Years.

My work is done.

No more sleepless nights.

At least not until August, when we test again.

The college guys are coming back to test next week.

Most of them are animals, with a competitive streak that is borderline unhealthy.

I love every second of it.

For those of you who still doubt the program, I have provided some more details of our success.

I can't imagine anyone getting these same results training on their own.

Average 4 month gain each Advanced Training Member:

  • Bench - increase of 45lbs
  • Broad Jump - increase of 9"
  • Deadlift - increase of 40lbs
  • Pull-Ups - increase of 10 reps
Examples of Individual Gains

Joe Igneri
  • Bench increased from 325 to 390 (which is a new record for AT)
  • Pull-ups increased from "0" (yes that is zero) to 9
Darren Reyes
  • Bench increased from 190 to 255 (65lb gain)
  • Pull-ups increased from 14 to 32
  • Gained 11 pounds and lost 2% body fat
Mike Murphy
  • Bench increased from 220 to 255 (35lb gain)
  • Broad Jump Increased from 124" to 134.5"
  • Deadlift Increased from 345 to 425 (80lb gain) (ties AT record)


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    Joe Fletch said...

    Damn. That is some amazing progress!