The Predator

I don't care who you are, or how good of shape you think you are in....

"The Predator" will get you....

While I am not actually talking about the "real" Predator, I am pretty sure even Arnold would bow down to what I am referring.

So what is "The Predator" of which I speak?

"The Predator" is actually another name for "The Prowler", which is  a tool we use during our Strongman training

I picked up the name after one of our guys (Joe Igneri), referred to it as such after one of our Prowler training sessions.

When he first said it, I thought he was delusional.

(This is not something that is uncommon after a Prowler training session. Most people can't walk, let alone think rationally.)

Right after he said it, I looked around at all of our athletes laying on the floor in exhaustion.

Some were vomiting.

Some couldn't breathe.

Some were crying for their mothers.

At that instant, I knew he wasn't delusional.

I knew he was brilliant!

This scene I was looking at would look no different than if the "real" Predator just rolled through.

I will hold off until another post to explain why I think the "Predator" / Prowler is so tough.

Until then, I am providing a video with a few clips of our last training session with "The Predator".


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