Jack Up Your Squat Max

At Advanced Training, the average athlete will add approximately 80lbs to their squat max in a 6 month period.

How is this possible?

While I don't want to give away all of our secrets in this post, I will share with you one movement that will definitely help your squat skyrocket.

Its called the Mixed Isometric Squat.

If was first seen in an article called The World Must Be Changing, where I was commenting on how shocked I was to see that a squat video had the most hits from our YouTube page.

What is a mixed isometric squat?

Its a squat where you pause for 3-5 seconds at 3 separate position in the movement:

  • 1/4 Squat (1/4 down)
  • 1/2 Squat (1/2 way down)
  • Full Squat (all the way down)

The video below shows Mike Morano performing this movement with 315lbs.
(Warning: This movement requires a great deal of training and attempting it with this heavy of a  load without supervision is highly discouraged)

So what makes this move so great?

1. It puts you in positions that help you work on "sticking points".                
2. It forces you to have more time under tension (TUT)
3. It allows you to focus more on the eccentric portion of the squat due to the increased TUT.

If you combine these three factors, it makes for a pretty sick lift and a sure fire way to increase your squat max.

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