Rob Mulligan - Advanced Training Deadlift King

This is not Rob Mulligan - but it will be someday soon

Rob Mulligan set a new Advanced Training Record by deadlifting 520lbs - RAW!!!

To do this at approximately 205lbs, without any lifting gear, is a very impressive feat.

Rob is the exact opposite of 90% of the athletes that come to train with me.

Most of these guys are total savages that put very little logic into their training approach (or anything else for that matter).

While this makes for great entertainment during our training sessions, it definitely holds these guys back from reaching their true potential.

Rob, on the other hand, puts logic into everything he does.

It is this use of logic that has enabled him to maximize the leveraging of his body structure in order to optimize his technique.

The end result .... MOVING MASSIVE WEIGHT.

Enclosed is the actual video of Rob pulling 520lbs.


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