Lift Less - Get Huge: The Secret Formula (Part II)

In Lift Less and Get Huge (Part I):, I asked you if you would be willing to lift less weight in order to get HUGE.

If your answer was yes, its time for the next question.

Would you believe there is a secret formula that makes this happen?

If so, would you follow the formula, even though it involves some basic laws of physics?

If so, read on ...

The Secret Formula To Lifting Less and Getting HUGE

In physics, there is a simple mathematical formula for FORCE - which is what we are trying to generate as we are training.

FORCE (F) = MASS (m) * ACCELERATION (a) --> (F = ma)

Because most of the people who read this blog can hardly get the right weight on the bar*, I will make this as simple as possible.

  • Force = the capacity to push or pull something
  • Mass = how much something weighs
  • Acceleration = how fast something is moving

*(I am not kidding about this. I would invite any one of you to come to our gym and ask someone to put 255lbs on a barbell. It takes 3 people, a calculator, and a 5 minute debate to actually make this happen - and half the time, they are off by about 10lbs in either direction).

F = m * what???

I am sure most of your heads are spinning, so I will end here for now.

In Part III of this mini-series, I will explain how you can use this secret formula to help reduce injury, improve range of motion, increase Power, and most of all -- GET HUGE.

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