Lift Less - Get Huge: The Secret Formula (Part III)

In Lift Less and Get Huge Part 1, I asked if you would be willing to lift less weight in order to get HUGE.

In Part 2, I introduced you to a SECRET FORMULA.

Now that you have the formula, I am sure you are wondering what to do with it.


Because F = ma, you don't always need to lift heavy weight in order to generate a great deal of force.

To make this more concrete, let's walk through an example using the deadlift.

Rob Mulligan does this without a belt

(Again, due to the audience, I am going to keep this simple and leave out the true units for Force and acceleration.)

Imagine you performed a deadlift of 350lbs at a speed of 10.

What would the force be?

F = m*a = 350 * 10 = 3500

What would the force be if I asked you to move 175lbs at a speed of 20?

F = m*a = 175 * 20 = 3500

As can be seen, you generate the same force in both situations.


  • The lighter the weight, the faster you can lift.
  • The faster you lift, the more force you generate.


This guy hates my guts right now

In the next post, we finally answer the following questions.

  • Does lifting light weight faster make me bigger than lifting heavy weight slower?
  • Does this mean I never have to lift heavy weight again?
  • What do the guys from the Jersey Shore do?
  • Why did you take 4 posts to cover 1 topic?

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