Test Week at Advanced Training, May 2012

Last week was Test Week At Advanced Training.

Once again, no walked away disappointed.

Once again, we made HUGE GAINs in a four month period.

Once again, I feel like I need to prove to the world that this stuff works.

If you want proof, here are some of the gains our guys made.

(Please note, these are not 15 year old kids who double their strength just by existing. 
Most of these guy's are in their 20's. The other ones have been formally strength training for the past 4 years.)

Chris Iorizzo:

  • 20" on broad jump
  • 20lbs on deadlift
  • 9 reps to pull-ups

John Verderosa:

  • 50lbs on bench
  • 30lbs on deadlift

Eric Santos:

  • 45lbs on bench
  • 35lbs on deadlift
  • 18" on broad jump
Ralph Zerilli:

  • 25lbs on bench
  • 16 reps to pull-ups

Antonio Zerilli:

  • 20lbs on bench
  • 25lbs on deadlift
  • 8 reps to pull-ups

Ryan Smith:

  • 25lbs on bench
  • 20lbs on deadlift
  • 10 reps to pull-ups

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