The Art of the Cold Shower

Since I started following the "The 4 Hour Body", I have told over 100 people about the connection between  cold showers and shedding body fat.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, I recommend you read an earlier post I wrote called "Do You Want To Be Fat or Do You Want To Be Cold"

Unfortunately, 99% of the population is not even willing to try it.

They would rather walk around with a G-Unit (what I call a big fat gut), than give up the luxury of their scorching hot showers in the morning.

Fortunately for me, I am not one of those people.

Fortunately for you, I am willing to share my secret on how I actually take my cold shower.

How to Take A Cold Shower

(Note: To keep this simple for everyone, we will use % of hot water used as opposed to water temperature. If the valve below was turned completely to the end of "impossibly hot", that would be 100%)

  1. Set the shower to ~ 90% hot water.
  2. Rinse body for 1 - 2 minutes
  3. Reduce shower to  ~ 75% hot water
  4. Apply shampoo for 1 -2 minutes
  5. Reduce shower to ~ 50% hot water
  6. Rinse out shampoo 
  7. Reduce shower to 25% hot water
  8. Lather body with soap
  9. Reduce shower to 10% hot water
  10. Rinse off lather. Turn around so cold water is hitting the back of your neck and your traps.  (This is the optimal location for fat burning).  Remain in this position for 2 - 4 minutes
  11. Reduce shower to 0% hot water
  12. Scream like a little girl
  13. Continue to let water hit your neck and traps.  Hold this position for as long as you can possibly take it. - Keep asking yourself, "Do you want to be fat or do you want to be cold?"
  14. Shut off water.
  15. Walk around with your new and improved G-Unit


Qadir Forbes said...

I have been doing this for about a month now, after reading, "Do you want to be fat or do you want to be cold?" It works. Thanks Coach Mahoney!

George Mahoney said...

Good man Qadir - founder of the Pain of Discipline over the Pain of Regret.