Do You Want To Be Fat or Do You Want To Be Cold?

Its 5:00AM and I feel like I am actually going to die within the next few moments.

As I stand in the shower, I feel a piercing pain in my chest as if someone just drove a knife through it.

The pain keeps repeating itself over and over again, and it doesn't let up for even a second.

In less than a minute, I can't breathe and my heart feels like its going to explode out of my chest.

Rather than give in to the pain, I decide to fight back.

I regroup, tighten up my fists and scream, "Is that all you got? Lets go!"

The next thing I hear is my wife banging on the bathroom door, screaming, "Is everything okay? Do you need help?"

I respond, "It's okay baby .... I am just taking an Ice Cold Shower."

Why the Ice Cold Shower?

I actually blame all of this on my man, Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Body.

(He's not really "my man", but he is highly intelligent and I try to follow 99% of what I read in his books.)

In his book, Tim states the reason Michael Phelps was able to burn 12,000 calories a day was largely due to thermal effects he endured while training in a pool all day.

After a great deal of research, he was able to determine that things like taking a freezing cold shower and sitting in ice baths would significantly increase the rate of fat loss.

Due to my respect for Mr. Ferriss, I had to give it a shot.

Did it work?

Within two weeks, I lost 9lbs and 2% body fat.

Is it hard to do?


You need to really, really want it to do this.

This person is burning massive fat right now

So I ask you ....

Do you want to be fat or do you want to be cold?

Most people I asked would rather take a nice warm shower.

I guess they would rather be comfortable, as they looked down at their fat and blubber.

Not me....

I am off to my cold shower...


Anonymous said...

Also raises testosterone naturally according to some articles I read online

George Mahoney said...

In "The Four Hour Body", Tim Ferriss actually uses this same technique (once in the morning and once before bed) to triple his testosterone. He did this with a combination of things like Brazil nuts, Vitamin D, and Fermented Cod Liver + Vitamin Rich Butter Fat.