Q&A With Mike Morano

Mike Repping 430lbs

For the past 3 years, Mike Morano has been the Power Point Champion of Advanced Training.

If this does not impress you, how about the fact that not one person has EVER had a higher power point rating than him.

Of a total of 120 test scores, Mike ranks 1, 2, and 3.

He has career bests of a 455lb deadlift, 390lb bench press, 520lb back squat, and 29 pull-ups.

You impressed yet?

As we come into his final summer training session (before he goes back to William Patterson to dominate at defensive end) I figured we would do a quick Q&A to get inside Mike's head.

Q&A With Mike Morano

GM: When did you first start training?

MM: I started lifting weights in my freshmen year of high school?

GM: With all of these training options out there, why do you keep coming back to Advanced Training?

MM: You get incredible results in such a short amount of time. How can you compete with that?

(I am not bragging, but Mike does speak the truth. Last summer, Mike added 35lbs to his bench and almost 10 reps to his pull-ups in a 10 week time frame. Not many programs give seasoned athletes those types of gains. If you want more proof, click here.)

GM: Out of all the people you trained with at Advanced Training, which person do you respect most?

MM: Joe Castellano and Rob Roman - you have to admire that these guys served our country. Joe was an Army Ranger and Rob was a Marine.

Billy Blanco is also up there. He trains very hard and has a very good bench.

(He makes a good point. Blanco is very good at bench press.)

GM: It is not a secret that you have been the Power Point Champion since you entered the program. What do you think it is that separates you from the rest of the pack?"

MM: I don't like losing. I will do whatever it takes to win.

GM: Do you have any message for someone who thinks they can take your title?

MM: It's not gonna happen.

GM: With all of your success as reigning Power Point Champion, is there anything else you still feel you need to achieve?

MM: I want to be break 1.200 Power Points and be able to create a new shirt.

(You get a shirt every time you reach a new level in Power Points. No one has ever got to 1.200. The first person who gets there, gets to design the new shirt. Mike's career high is 1.186)

GM: Do you have any message you want to send to the people out there?

MM: If you are going to be part of Advanced Training, be prepared to work hard. That is what its all about.

Closing Thoughts

I think it is fitting to leave you with my favorite Mike Morano video of all time.

His reaction at the end epitomizes why he is who he is.

How many guys do you know that bring that much emotion into the gym?

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