The Soft List

Athlete X: "Coach, what happens if we miss a workout? Do we get extra conditioning?"

Me: "Worse"

Athlete X: "We get thrown out?"

Me: "Worse"

Athlete X: "What's worse than that?"

Me: "Making the Soft List"

"Coach, I really want this. I promise."

What Is "The Soft List"

The "Soft List" is a list that tracks how many times each athlete misses a workout without advanced notice.
It is a simple way for the world to see who really wants it and who is soft.

The chart below is a sample image of what the "Soft List" looks like.
Actual names have been removed from this blog, but they are and will be posted HERE

As an added benefit, I will be periodically sending out Soft List Updates - so you guys can continue to monitor who's soft.

If you think this is too harsh, you are probably soft yourself.
Please give me your name and I will add it to the list.

The Soft List Point System:
  • 1 pt - missed workout
  • 1/2 pt - late to a workout 
* No points awarded to a player if legitimate advanced notice is given or if there is a true emergency.

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