January Power Points - Class of 2013

Enclosed are the starting Power Point numbers for the Class of 2013.

"Overall Rank" shows how these guys stack up against every other person who has ever tested in Advanced Training. 

If history means anything, than it is pretty much a GUARANTEE that each of these guys will see HUGE gains by the time we test again in May.

2013 Power Points

How Do They Compare?

Both King and Spears earned their way into the Top 20 Power Point Leaders of all-time.

While this was good news for them, it was bad news for Abrom Shepard and Gerald Amerosi.
Each of them had been on the list since 2011.

(The Power Point List was established in 2005 and has almost 150 entries.
Earning your way into the Top 20 is a major accomplishment.)

Top 20 All Time Rankings

Duplicate names have been removed for people who have placed in the top 20 multiple times in different years. Only their highest power points from a given year have been used.

* The Top 20 Rank shows where they stand within the list above (no duplicate names)
* The Overall Rank shows where they stand within all power point totals, had duplicate names not been removed.

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