5 Reasons I Hate Joe DeFranco

Joe DeFranco is one of the premiere performance enhancement trainers in the world.
If you are looking to prepare for the NFL combine, he is the man.

Unfortunately, there are 5 reasons that I Hate Joe DeFranco.*

Joe DeFranco

1. WWE

I give out a championship belt with WWE guys on it.

DeFranco trains the guys that are actually on the belt.

Triple H at DeFranco's

2. Chaos Training

I am a huge fan of Chaos Training.

DeFranco makes movies with the guy who invented Chaos training, Jim Smith (aka Smitty).

Smitty (pictured right) - The Inventor of Chaos Training

3. The 4 Hour Body

My favorite book is the 4 Hour Body, by Tim Ferriss.

DeFranco is IN the 4 Hour Body, teaching Tim Ferriss how to beat the NFL Combine.

4. MTV - Read World, Road Rules Challenge

My favorite reality TV show is MTV's Real World, Road Rules Challenge.

My Favorite Show
DeFranco trains people that are actually on the show MTV's Real World, Road Rules Challenge.

Kenny (pictured right) from Real World, Road Rules Challenge

5. Billy Blanco

Billy Blanco (pictured left) - soon to be famous

Yeah ... it's the same picture from #4.

The guy on the left is Billy Blanco.

Billy is one of my favorite people on this earth.

He is a true leader, he is charismatic, and his bench press is legendary.

He left Advanced Training last summer to train at DeFranco's.
It definitely hurt my ego, but I understood his reasons.

True to his character, he called me before it happened and told me why.
Most people would have just not shown up and never said anything.

In the video below, Billy is the spotter.
The guy benching (Joe Igneri) is going head to head with Billy in a "Bench Off".

Watch the video below and tell me you wouldn't want Billy on your team or in your weight room.
(Note: Due to Blanco's motivational tactics, Igneri actually won this bench off.)

* Disclaimer: Before any of Joe D's disciples drive to Staten Island to rip my head off ...I really do not hate Joe DeFranco. This article was written purely for entertainment purposes. His teachings have been a huge influence on what we do at Advanced Training and I can only hope to have 1/2 the success he has had in this "industry". 

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