All Inclusive Weight Loss

"You are not really going to stay on that stupid diet during OUR vacation, are you?"

The speaker was my wife.

The timid recipient of those "open-minded" words was me.

Before she said that, I actually was planning on staying on my "stupid" diet - The Slow Carb Diet - created by Tim Ferriss in the Four Hour Body.

After she said it, I knew I really didn't have a choice.

I am far from whipped, but I know that messing with my wife's vacation is about as smart as smacking a German Shepherd. 

But how can I break from my diet and not be the fat guy on vacation?

Eat in moderation?

Not gonna happen...

How about this ...
  • I consume approximately 7,000 calories per day for 7 days straight
  • I pack on 2.5lbs of muscle
  • I have virtually no change in body fat (0.2% increase)
How did I do this?

I will detail that in my next post.

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