An "Advanced" Training Session

Over the past 9 years, I have never really let the outside world see what a complete Advanced Training session is like.

Because I am such a great guy, I decided I could no longer deprive the masses from seeing such awesome things.

I reached out to Steve Armato, an "Advanced Training" guy and author of "Now You Can't Leave".

Steve is an expert at making highlight films and promotional videos. He is also one of those guys who truly
"gets" what is means to be part of our program.

I knew all I had to do was tell him I wanted to film one of our sessions and he would make it look sick.

And that he did ...

Below is the video Steve created.

It is the video I will show to random pretenders who want me to "write them a program" - after I tell them no.

It is the video I will show to the parents of a 12 year kid, to show them why their son is not ready.

It is the video I will watch to remind myself that I only train the special 1% who are willing to train like freaks.

I have to admit, I was pretty impressed by the workout session when I saw it on film - and I wrote it. I guess when you are "in the trenches" you take for granted how many different angles our programs hit.

  • Foot Speed - (Jump Rope)
  • Mobility - (Band Warm-Up)
  • Explosion - (Dynamic Lunge)
  • Core - (DB Overhead Squat)
  • Power - (Back Squat)
  • Prehab - (X-Band Walk)
  • Stability - (Lunge Pallof Press)
  • Chaos - (Chaos Pull-Ups)

  • Enjoy ....

    *Side Note: I want to thank Steve for the excellent job he did putting this film together and capturing the true essence of an "Advanced" Training session.

    If you would like him to make a highlight film for you, he can be reached at

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