Advanced Training Staff Doubles

"The first method for estimating the intelligence of a ruler is to look at the men he has around him"
- Niccolo Machiavelli

For the past 9 years, Advanced Training has been a one man show.

I am so particular about my training methodologies, that I had a hard time trusting anyone to be part of the Advanced Training "Coaching Staff."

Until now ...

Enter Rob Mulligan ...

What makes him the first person that I trust?

1. He is a master of technique and leverage
2. He was an Advanced Training guy since 2005 - so you know darn well he believes in single leg work and overhead squats.
3. He deadlifts a "Small House".

Rob has been an excellent addition to the coaching staff.

Not only is he a great coach to the athletes on the floor, he has become a great coach to me as well.
Because he is so dedicated to the details, he has really forced me to step up my game.

With that, I think it is only fitting that I promote Rob and his future endeavors at Mulligan Fitness.

Being a simple man, I decided to do it Q&A style.


GM: What made you want to become involved in the fitness industry?

Mulligan: I always loved sports as a kid, but I didn't seriously consider a path in the fitness industry until after college, around 2008-2009. I suffered a few early set backs in my college football career, and I was searching for a way to come back better than ever before. That's when I really dove into the fitness industry. I was determined to arm myself with the knowledge necessary to rebound, and I was instantly hooked. I now take pride in helping others in the same way I was able to help myself. There is no better feeling than achieving a goal, and it is my mission to help as many people reach their goals as possible. 

GM:  What made you decide to "intern" at Advanced Training?

Mulligan: I decided to intern at Advanced Training for a couple of reasons. Mainly, I thought Advanced Training as a program focuses on many things that I think are essential to a successful strength and conditioning program - proper exercise selection with a focus on the traditional compound lifts, a logical, thought out progression of volume and intensity, and an emphasis on functional movements such as single leg work and movement training.

I also know first hand what kind of program Advanced Training is, since I was a member since 2005. Coach Mahoney really cares about getting results for every member, and that is definitely a quality I try to emulate myself.

3. What would you brand yourself as - a bootcamp guy, a pre-hab guy, powerlifter guy? Why?

Mulligan: I find it really hard to really put a label on what type of "guy" I am. Above all, I am a "results guy". I have a passion for many different fitness activities, and I have a background in multiple situations- I have lost 60 lbs and I have helped others lose fat. I have put on muscular weight for sports, and I have helped others do the same. I have lifted for strength, hypertrophy, injury prevention and recently have tried to perfect my Olympic lifting. The common thread between all of these things is that goals were set, and then reached. 

4. If I had to describe my target audience, I would say "the overachieving, blue-collar athlete". How would you describe your target audience?

Mulligan: I would say that my target audience is any person that refuses to settle for mediocrity. My target person is someone that wants to be better than they were yesterday, and is not afraid to take action. I want to reach the person that doesn't want to do the same boring routine as everyone else. Basically I want to speak directly to competitive, goal minded people that want to improve an aspect of their fitness. 

4. You are #5 on the top 20 all time list in Power Points for Advanced Training. What advice do you have for a young lifter who wants to break into your league?

Mulligan: Know your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Assess what aspects of your training are "good enough" and then relentlessly attack weaknesses. I know that I have a body built for deadlifting, and I knew no matter what, I would excel at that lift. I then focused on being better at benching and pull ups. Once those numbers began to rise, I become a more complete lifter. The power points then follow.

5. What was the biggest set-back in your athletic career, and how has it helped you become the coach you are today?

Mulligan: My biggest set back happened in 2005 when I tore my right shoulder labrum (piece of cartilage that provides stability to your shoulder). I didn't handle this injury very well at first - I pretty much gave up on training for a few months, and I allowed myself to balloon up to 250 lbs. However, this event forced me to learn how to deal with adversity, as well as quickly bring myself up to speed on proven and effective methods to lose weight, gain lost strength back, and rehabilitate injury. Besides the knowledge I gained from this, I acquired the ability to relate to any person that has gained weight, gotten injured or has given up on the gym for a period of time (probably 99% of the population). This has a huge carryover to coaching. An effective coach is a person that had undergone the same trials and hardships as their client. This allows a more complete relationship between coach and client to develop, thus leading to more positive outcomes. 

6. How can people find out more about Rob Mulligan? Do you have a website? A blog? A Twitter Handle?

Mulligan: There are several places to follow me: 

My blog is located at This is where I post training articles and tips regularly. 
My twitter account is @MulliganFitness. Feel free to give me a follow and start up a training conversation.
My Facebook page is That's where you can find all the latest training pics and updates. 

Mulligan Fitness Bootcamp is another great way to get to know me. Bootcamp classes are designed to challenge your strength, stamina and ability though circuit training. We use all types of tools, including but not limited to sleds, chains, med balls, ropes and kettlebells. We will hold hour long sessions at Carlton park (located on the corner of Drumgoole Rd and Foster Rd) all throughout the Summer. Go check for more information.

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