My Protein is Better Than Yours

At the conclusion of Your Protein Makes You Fat and Weak, I asked you to familiarize yourself with the ingredients on the label on the back of your protein jar.

Now that you have done that, allow me to explain in detail why ...


1. No Cow Hormones

I hate to break it to you, but eating cows jacked up off of growth hormones does not make you jacked up.

It just makes you full of toxic chemicals and unhealthy.

How do you know if your protein supplement does not have cow hormones?

Simple ..

If it doesn't say rBGH or rBST ...

It has cow hormones ....

The protein I take proudly displays an "rBGH Free" stamp right on the front label.

Enough said ...

2. No Soy Protein

Several studies have shown that soy intake leads to increased levels of estrogen in the body.

Increased estrogen can lead to decreased testosterone.

If you are reading this blog, the last thing you want is decreased testosterone.

Even if you don't buy into the whole "soy decreases testosterone" controversy, studies have demonstrated that it is not the optimal choice of protein supplementation.

If you care to read more, click HERE.

The protein I take does not contain soy protein.

It contains 25% whey protein, 25% casein protein, 25% whey protein isolate, and 25% milk protein.

(Note: When reading your food labels, the order of the ingredients is critical. The earlier it appears on the list, the more of it there is in your food. Remember this when we get to point #4.)

3. No Artificial Sweeteners

To keep it simple, the point of an artificial sweetener is to give you the sweet taste provided by sugar without the guilt of the calories.

Unfortunately, many of these artificial sweeteners are nothing more than poison.

To read more about that, click HERE

If your protein has things like aspartame or sucralose in it, I wish you the best of luck.

To learn more about the dangers of aspartame, click HERE.

To learn about the dangers of sucralose, click HERE.

The protein I take does not have aspartame or sucralose.

4. No Whey Concentrate 
Remember when I told you to remember point #4 when we got to food labels.

Well, we are at point #4.

If you see Whey Concentrate  right at the beginning of your ingredient list, immediately dump your protein in the garbage.


The purest form of whey protein supplementation is called Whey Isolate. It contains 90% or more protein and very little fat.

Whey concentrate, on the other hand, can have between 25% and 89% protein.

Do you really want to ingest a protein that can only be 25% protein.

I don't ...

That is why the protein I take does not have any Whey Concentrate.

It has the perfect blend of 25% whey protein, 25% casein protein, 25% whey protein isolate, and 25% milk protein.

5. High Glycemic Index

The higher the glycemic index (GI) a food has, the more it will increase the amount of blood glucose.

I was going to explain this in more detail, but I think the caption below paints a nice enough picture.

Does your protein have matlodextrin or dextrose?

I hope note.

Those ingredients have been known to have an even higher GI than sugar.

The protein I take does not have either.

What is My Protein???

In case you missed my blatantly obvious subliminal messages (which I only used 5 times), the protein I take is from a company called BioTrust.

It is the same company that created the Organic Protein Bar.

I respect the quality of their products so much that I became an affiliate.

If you are interested in purchasing BioTrust Protein, click on GET IT HERE anywhere you see it throughout this article.

As I mentioned with the organic protein bars, I highly recommend you read the information provided by BioTrust and consult with your physician prior to using this product. You should never consume any supplement without having good background information on it. With that, you should do the same for every other cow hormone loaded, artificial sweetener having, soy containing supplement you are taking now.

Your Protein Makes You Fat and Weak

You just finished a hard training session.

You don't want your new muscles to go to waste, so you immediately reach into your bag and grab your shaker with 4 scoops of protein powder already in it.

(Heaven forbid you hit traffic on the way home and miss your "30 Minute Window".)

You go to the water fountain, add some water, and BOOM ...

You are completely jacked up...

Right ???

Wrong ...

The answer is more like this ...

You stair in the mirror completely disgusted with yourself.

You have been training like an animal for 5 years ...

You have been drinking your shakes ...

But your body fat is higher than a pot-head at Grateful Dead Concert.


Because your protein is making you fat ...

And weak ...

Don't worry ...

In my next article, I will explain exactly why the protein I take is "whey" better than yours is.

In the meantime, start familiarizing yourself with the ingredients on the back of your protein jug's label.

It will make it a lot easier for you to toss it in the garbage if you know what you are putting in your body is trash.

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My Protein is Better Than Yours

5 Way's To Identify Someone from Advanced Training

Advanced Training is like a Secret Society.

Not too many people know about it...

You kind of need to know someone to get in...

But for those that have been in, they can easily spot another member from a mile away.

Oddly enough, it is not the physical features that give it away.

We don't have any special tattoos or branding.

We don't have any unique physical features - except maybe a HUGE upper middle back ...

- but those can easily be purchased at your local convenience store.

What cannot be purchased, however, is how you move outside the gym.

And this, my friends, is how you can tell if someone is from Advanced Training.

1. How They Get Off the Couch

Someone from Advanced Training never misses an opportunity to perfect their squat technique. What better way to do that then to perform the concentric movement of a box squat every time you get off the couch?

Lead up with your chest ....

Drive through the outside of your feet ...

Squeeze the glutes at the top ...

If this is not going through your head every time you stand up, I have failed you.

2. How They Open a Jar

"Break the Bar...."

We say this 1,000 times a training session.


We want to maximize the potential of hyper-irradiation via the valsalva maneuver.


Don't worry about the details .... Just remember that the harder you squeeze BEFORE you apply force, the stronger you will be.

Watch someone from Advanced Training open a jar.

They brace for 5 seconds, then they twist off the lid "Like Water".

3. How They Pick Up Luggage


You mean the things they put on luggage for children?

Grown men don't use wheels ...

We carry luggage like it's a sandbag or a farmer's walk.

How do we pick it up?

We deadlift it, of course!

Long spine, big chest, posterior chain activated ... Always!!!

Rounded back ... Never!!!

4. How They Walk Their Dog

Once again, we never miss an opportunity to get better.

As we walk our dogs, we ensure that every step we take begins with a foot strike that is directly under our hips.

We make sure we focus on pulling the ground behind us.

And most importantly, we make sure we are primarily using the inside of our feet as opposed to the outside.

If you see a guy walking his dog with his feet flailing out to the sides, he's never been part of Advanced Training.

5. How They Run for the Bus

It doesn't matter if you are running the 40, running for a bus, or running from the cops...

You'd better have perfect arm angles.

Watch an Advanced Training member jog from point A to point B.

Did you ever see his arms swing from side to side????

Exactly ...