Fear ...

"Fear is a cannibal that feeds upon itself ...

It lives in every dark shadow ---
waits around every corner.

It can be in two places at once ...
The path ahead, yet somehow always behind you.

Fear hides behind every decision, questioning your every move.

And it's YOUR FAULT.

You are the one who gives it life.

You are the parent of your own fear.

Every instinct tells us we can do nothing in the face of that which terrifies us.

But that is what fear is --- Instinct.

We run because that is our nature. Better to run away and live to fight another day, or so the saying goes.

But if we run, the cannibal feeds and grows stronger.

Better to run towards you fear. 

Better still to face it.

Stare it in the eye.

Make it blink.

Watch it disappear." 

- David Finch, The Dark Knight, Knight Terrors

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