The Documentary: Part 2

I once again have to tip my hat to All-In Productions.

I thought Part I of the Advanced Training Documentary was the sickest thing I have ever seen ...

Until I saw Part 2 ...

Both videos can be seen below ... Enjoy!

Coach's Editorial: I get so caught up in the programming and the skill assessment, that from time to time, EVEN I forget what makes Advanced Training so special.

It's not the crazy exercises or the attention to detail (which both very much exist).

It is the environment we created through both simultaneous CARE and COMPETITION.

CARE for the overall well-being of each athlete.

And the COMPETITION that pushes each of them to take it to the next level.

To All-In Productions ...

Thank you for making these documentaries in a way that will never let me forget that.


Coach Mahoney

The Documentary: Part 2

The Documentary: Part 1

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