Conversations With "The Champ"

As "The People's Coach", I feel it is only fair that I begin sharing with you some of the many ridiculous* (yet highly informative) conversations I have had with an athlete I train known as "Torres".

For those of you that don't know "Torres", I highly suggest you watch from 6:10 to 7:30 on the video below. I believe this says it all ...

Over the past 6 years, "Torres" has given himself many names. One of them is "The Champ"(after winning a handful of Challenges in the gym).

He has then invited other athletes to "Train with the Champ", "Party with the Champ", and for the real lucky ones, "Talk to the Champ".

"The Champ"

In an effort to both educate and entertain those who follow Advanced Training, you will soon start to see articles titled "Conversations With the Champ".

These articles will document real conversations I have had with Torres, highlighting such important topics as why you shouldn't eat all of your daily calories in one meal and why texting me 9 minutes after your lift started is not acceptable.

Stay Tuned ...

One of the first "Conversations With the Champ"

Note:  While many of these conversations will seem ridiculous, it should be understood that "Torres" is a savage competitor and an integral part of the environment of Advanced Training. His intensity and motivational tactics make everyone around him better (including me).

Our relationship quite closely resembles that of Batman and the Joker. 

While they seem to be polar opposites, they both need each other to exist and grow. 

Stay Tuned ...

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