How Much Ya Bench? (Part III)

Of the 60+ athletes I have trained and the 100+ I have trained with, none have ever loved the bench press as much as Billy Blanco or Joe Igneri.

While the two guys had never trained with each other, they had a great deal in common.

  1. They benched alot 
  2. They knew they benched alot
  3. They told people they benched alot
  4. If someone was better than them at anything else, they would refer back to point #1.

Over the past year, "Blanco's Bench Press" has become sort of a legend at Advanced Training.

New members would join Advanced Training and ask "How much does that Blanco kid bench?"

Since Joe Igneri was also a "Bench Guy", he was getting tired of everybody else talking about "Blanco's Bench".

He wanted to be the guy everyone was talking about.

A few weeks ago, after Igneri hit 280lbs x 10, he decided to call Blanco out.


He actually called Blanco at college while we were still in the gym and let him know that he was coming for his title.

As any great competitor would do, Blanco decided to come home from Washington, DC, and have a little bench competition with Igneri.

The video below shows the first of what I believe will be many bench battles between these two.

If you throw in another guy who also benches over 335lbs, who is probably punching holes in his walls because he is not mentioned in this article, its going to make for an interesting summer.


Igneri said...

We showed up

George Mahoney said...

You absolutely did.

As of now, you are still the champ.