How I Train On Vacation

The program below is for those of you not willing to let a little thing like vacation get in the way of your gains.

Just because your family is dragging you to some hotel for a week, it doesn't mean that you get to waste away into nothing.

By following the program below and eating like an absolute savage, I typically gain 2lbs of muscle and 0% body fat while on vacation.

Before You Start:

If you are serious about staying jacked up, you will ensure 2 things.

1. The hotel has some sort of a gym in it.
2. The hotel has at least 50lb DB's

Almost every hotel gym will look something like this

In addition, you will bring the following items with you.

The Program

The program is designed for an 8-day, 7 night vacation.

The days you are traveling you will not be required to train. I don't want you blaming me for missing your flight or having your sweaty clothes mildew the inside of your bag.

If your trip is shorter than 8-days, simply cut out some training sessions.

Any odd day gym training session (Day-3, Day-5, Day-7) can be substituted with a sprint session.

Jogging is not allowed.

Sets of A and B should be performed together in an alternating fashion, with the rest time being dictated by how long you need to recover to perform your next set with very good form.


Day 1: Travel - Off

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8: Travel - Off

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