The Advanced Training Documentary ... More Questions than Answers

Unless you've been ignoring my emails and tweets over the past week, you have probably seen Part 1 of "The Advanced Training Documentary".

If you haven't seen it, and even if you have, I suggest you watch this short video.

Not only does it show some sick exercises, it also gives you a behind the scenes look at why the group exists, how I develop training programs, and most importantly, why athletes choose to be a part of it.

With all of that being said, the documentary has left many people with more questions than answers ...

... And that couldn't make me any happier.

I love that Advanced Training is exclusive.

I love that is "underground".

I love that people started calling it "The Best Training Program You've Never Heard Of."

Because of that, I am not going to answer all of the questions I have been getting. But I will answer a few ...

Question 1: Do you really care how they brush their teeth in the morning?


I want them to approach brushing their teeth as they would anything in life.

1. With balance - use the left hand one day and the right the next.
2. In a power position - keep the head, shoulders, and glutes aligned, all while engaging the core. (It's never a bad time to work on your abs).
3. With focus - don't brush your teeth and think about how much you hate using mouth wash. If you think too much about the mouth wash, you have no shot at brushing properly.

Think I don't really look at things this way, read this very popular article ...

5 Ways To Identify Someone From Advanced Training

Question 2: When IS Part 2 coming out?

The production crew is working on that as we speak ... stay tuned ...

Question 3: Speaking of the production crew, who actually made this documentary?

The documentary was created by a company called All-In Productions.

As can clearly be seen, these guys are brilliant.

Not only did they take the perfect footage and produce an incredible end product, they did it all without interfering with the actual training session.

We never felt like we had cameras in our face or that we had to act differently because we were on film.

Most importantly, they were able to capture the true essence of what makes Advanced Training so special and so unique.

It was almost as if they had been part of Advanced Training for years. In fact, one of their guys (Steve Armato) actually was.

He's been featured in the two articles below.

Now You Can't Leave

An Advanced Training Session

Question 4: Why did Sarno only have weight on one side of the barbell? Did he forget to add the other weight?

Absolutely not.

Movements with weight on only one side of the barbell is something we routinely do as we closer to the season.

Rather than go into that in this post, I will simply redirect you to a previous one that explains this in more detail.

You Forgot to Add the Other Weight

Question 5: Is Frank Torres really that crazy?

Because I value my teeth, I will refrain from directly answering that.

You will just have to wait until Part 2 comes out.

Frank Torres

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