Big Bench Press Video

Enclosed is video of Joe Igneri bench pressing 295lbs x 10.

After watching the video, read the 5 things that I like about it below.

5 Things I Like About the Video:
  1. He is bench pressing 295lbs x 10. If you are not impressed by this, you are either way too strong or way too weak to be reading this website.
  2. He gets a great spot from Eric Heedles. If you notice, Joe does not have to round his shoulders in order to un-rack the weight from the bar.
  3. Lyle McCombs stops watching in the middle of the set. The reason for this wasn't that Lyle fits into point #1. The reason is that Joe made the set look so easy that Lyle thought it was a warm-up set.
  4. He doesn't fail. 99% of the guys in the world would try to get that extra rep. 99% of the guys in the world would probably fail on that extra rep. Failing on a rep is not the last thing you want your brain to remember when you leave the gym.
  5. He does a good job racking the weight. If you look closely, Joe does not round his shoulders in order to put the weight back on the rack. He simply moves the barbell back laterally so it sits in the supports.

If you have any hopes of matching Joe's bench press, I highly advise that you read How Much Ya Bench? (Part II).

If you think you already have it all figured it out, I am sure there are plenty of shoulder surgeons out there who would love to have you as their next customer.

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