30 Things I Learned Since I Was 30 (Part I)

I feel like I have learned more in the last 3 years than I did in the first 30.

Since I turned 33 this week, I decided to provide you guys with a little something extra in honor of my birthday.

Having said that, I would like to share with you a list of 30 things that I have learned since I was 30.

30 Things I Leaned Since I Was 30

1. Less is more. The less time my athletes spend in the gym, the more they want to come back and destroy their next training session. If you are in the gym for over an hour, you are either wasting time talking or spending too much time looking at yourself in the mirror. If you are a coach who keeps his athletes on the field over 2 hours, you need to plan better.

2. Being sore is not a sign of a great training session.

3. High School seniors don't get it. Apparently things like driving a car, going to graduation parties, and going to the Senior Prom take way more priority than taking the time to train for the next level. I train over 20 athletes right now and only one of them is in high school. (He's only a junior, so lets see what happens next year.)

4. Getting a massage does not make you "soft."

5. If you only have $20 left in your wallet, use it to buy a foam roller.

6. Pre-workout nutrition is just as important as post workout nutrition.

7. You can increase your squat or deadlift max by up to 30% without getting any stronger, simply by improving your ankle and hip mobility.

8You don't need to keep all of your fingers on the barbell when you front squat. (I wish I knew this in college, when every rep of front squatting felt like someone was ripping my wrists off of my body.)

9.  If you want to bench more, you need to row more. (Big back = big bench)

10. You can never work enough on improving the ability to dorsiflex your ankles.

11.  Your friends will give you a harder time for eating grilled chicken at dinner than they would for eating 3 ice cream sundaes.

12. Performing agility drills over bags and ladders will not make you faster

13. Running sprints helps you get jacked-up.

14. People would rather watch a girl sing a song about the days of the week more than all of the videos that I have or ever will post on YouTube combined.

15. Everybody used to bench 365 in high school. At least that is what they tell me before I watch them get buried by their first rep of 265. There must be kryptonite in our gym.

(To Be Continued .....)

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