Toughman 2011 (Part I)

18 Men Entered....

Only 13 finished....

Only 1 Could Win.....

The Events:

This year's competition was composed of the following four events:
  • 50 Yard Reverse Sliders
  • 100 Prowler Shuttle
  • 225lb Sled Race
  • Sandbags of Death

50 Yard Reverse Sliders:

Description: An athlete will place his feet on the sliders and use only his arms to push himself backwards 50 yards across the field.

What is a slider?

A slider is actually something people use to help them move furniture. By placing an item on these sliders, you can simply push it to where you want it rather than having to carry it.

In this event, the athlete starts with his feet on the goal line of a football field and had to push himself until his entire body crossed the 50-yard line.

100 Yard Prowler Shuttle

Description: An athlete will push a prowler (aka the predator) loaded with 90lbs exactly 25 yards. At the 25 yard mark, they will go to the other side of the prowler and push it back to the starting point. This sequence is repeated 2x giving a total of 100 yards of movement.

225lbs Sled Race

Description: This event has four separate steps, all of which involve moving a sled loaded with 225lbs.
  • Step 1: Use (2) 10' chains to pull the sled 20 yards. In this event, "pull" means to perform a backpedal while you are facing the sled, using the chains to move it.
  • Step 2: Turn around and use the (2) 10' chains to drag the sled another 20 yards toward a bucket that is 30 yards away. Once the chains reach the bucket, this step is over.  In this event, "drag" means to run forward while you are facing away from the sled. The chains can be held over your shoulder, at your sides, or anywhere else you think will actually help.
  • Step 3: Remove one of the chains from the sled and move it out of the path of the remainder of the drill.
  • Step 4: Sit on the bucket and pull the sled toward you using the remaining chain on the sled.

Sandbags of Death

Description: 5 Sandbags are placed on the 25 yard line of a football field. The athlete will have to pick-up each sandbag and run it to the goal line. After dropping off one bag, the athlete will have to return to the 25 yard line to pick up another bag. 

The bags do not all have the same weight. 

  • (2) are 40 lbs
  • (2) are 80 lbs
  • (1) is 120 lbs.

The athlete can choose the order in which they move the bags.

The Conclusion???

This is probably a good place to stop with this post. I don't want your brains to explode with too much information.

  • In Part II, I will show the video the Toughman Highlights.
  • In Part III, I will go over the results.

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