This Is Why You Can't Train Alone... Part II

A few weeks ago in  This is Why You Can't Train Alone, I gave a concrete example of how training in a competitive environment enables athletes to take themselves to another level.

In the video below, you will see two athletes competing to see who can move more weight on Renegade Rows  + Push-Ups.

In my mind, this movement is significantly harder than Renegade Rows (without the push-up).

Before you watch the video, remember how proud we were just a few weeks ago because we MOVED 80lbs on the Renegade Rows.

After watching the video below, we should really be embarrassed for ONLY Moving 80lbs on Renegade Rows.

Imagine what we are going to do next week!

(Note: If the video has a new feel, its because it was made by Dom Martelle. He clearly is alot more creative than I am. He also has a music selection that is bigger than rap from the late 1990's)

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Joe Fletch said...

That's a big jump from the last This Is Why You Can't Train Alone segment. Can't wait to see what's next!