50 Pounds of Fat

50 lbs of Fat ...

That is how much FAT 6 guys in our program lost in 3 months at Advanced Training.

Notice that there is an emphasis on the word FAT.

All too often, people put too much emphasis on how much weight they lost and not enough emphasis on how much fat they lost.

In the end, this leads to population full of people who are "skinny-fat" and weak.

What good is dropping 20lbs if it makes you lose all your gains?

Dom ... Please Forgive Me For These Gains I Am About to Receive

In our case, each of these 6 guys not only lost 50lbs of fat, they maintained almost 100% of their muscle mass.

How do I know?

We did a "test / retest" on 2 things before and after a 3 month training period.

1. Physical Performance (The insane increase in their performance can be seen HERE)

2. Body Mass Composition. (The results can be seen below)
  • Median Fat Loss --> 6.8 lbs
  • Median Muscle Loss --> 0 lbs

If fat could sell on eBay ...

I have to admit, we have never really seen fat loss like this in the past.

Sure we made huge gains with respect to strength and speed, but body fat was never greatly impacted.

Unfortunately, I have no one to blame but myself.

I focused on strength...

I focused on speed...

I focused on form and injury prevention ...

But I never focused on the thing that mattered most ...


As a wise man once said, you can't out train your mouth.

How many sprints does it take to burn this off?

So what exactly did we focus on that made such a huge difference?

To keep it simple, we looked at 5 things:

1. Staying Hydrated --> drink water until you feel full and then drink some more

2. Eat Fiber --> eat beans, salad, vegetables, and of course organic BIOTRUST protein bars.

3. Get Enough Sleep --> getting 4 hours of shut-eye will never get you a 6-pack

4. Limit Eating Fast Carbs --> do we still need to talk about this?

5. Get the Right Protein --> as we all know, not all protein is created equal. In our world, we rely on BIOTRUST Protein for supplementation.

If you feel like you have a long way to go, don't be discouraged.

Just try to lose the fat 1 lb at a time.

After all, 1 lb of fat is much bigger than you think. 

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